Treats of the Smokies
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The settlers of the Smokies would have loved this rich, creamy 100% honey product. 

Spread this on Fresh Baked Bread, Corn Muffins or Shortbread for a morning treat! Makes a great dip or spread for Apples and other fruits.

You won't believe it is 100% honey.

Treats of the Smokies Creamed Honey – Softening Instructions

We hope you enjoy Treats of the Smokies Creamed Honey.  The Honey is creamed using a special process that uses no additives to the honey.  It is 100% Natural Honey.

Due to cooler temperatures or when creamed honey in colder temps it may cause the honey to be too hard for your liking.  This is easily adjusted by following the steps below.

  1. Place the jar in a pan of hot tap water and allow to come up to the creaminess you desire. It may take up to an hour or longer so please be patient.
  2. Store in a cupboard or other dark place to maintain the creaminess and consistency. DO NOT refrigerate. If you refrigerate the honey will become hard.  It will not affect the honey but will need to be softened to use.
  3. If the honey becomes too soft and creamy refrigerate for a couple hours to get the consistency you would like.
Approx. Fluid Ounces 12
Container Type Glass
Net Weight 1 Pound
Gluten Free Yes
OU Kosher Yes
Additives None
Ingredients 100% Honey
Pasteurized No
Warnings Do not feed to infants under 1 year of age!