Treats of the Smokies


If there is an issue with your order we will review and take appropriate action.

Our returns policy is very simple. 

We do not accept returns of food products.

If the product is in date (excludes scratch and dents) and what you ordered then we cannot accept returns for several reasons:

  • First and foremost we cannot resell food products.
  • Since the item left our possession we do not know how it was stored or handled..
  • Ask yourself if you would want to buy someones returned food product?
  • This follows the policies set forth by Amazon, Walmart and others in regards to food products.
  • We are not buy, try & return store.

Please see our Shipping Policy for products damaged during shipping.

If there is a need for a return we will provide you with the information to have your return properly processed.  We may ask you to return the product for analysis so do not destroy or get rid of the product until we have contacted you.

Any other question please use our contact form.